Puella Magi Madoka Magica: The Battle Pentagram gets a new game-play trailer from publisher Namco Bandai Games.

The prologue provides a great introduction to this upcoming action title from Artdink;

This is the story of some Magical Girls, whom have been hunting witches throughout the ages.

How many times has this been repeating over and over again, Homura Akemi has stopped counting a long time ago. After challenging several times the most powerful of witches, “Walpurgis Night”, without any success, thinking again it was the end, she entrusted everything to Madoka Kaname.

“If we all five Magical Girls get together, wouldn’t we be capable of defeating Walpurgis Night?”

With that in mind, Homura goes back in time once again. The five girls must forge a bond between them to cooperate and defeat Walpurgis Night.

Now, the girls are left behind, and one of them will be their guide…

Check it out;

The Battle Pentagram will be released in Japan on December 19th.


  • Lester Paredes

    There’s a lot of drama in this that I don’t understand.

    • Yuuki

      why not?
      the anime was a drama too, it defyd the rules of a magical shujp, no happy end, all living happiely together and such stuff.
      so its onlylogical the game being the same.

      • Lester Paredes

        Well, it’s literal when I say I don’t understand the drama. Language barrier. I just know bad things are happening, but the text is so confusing for the story synopsis, that all I know for sure is that there’s magic and time travel.

        • Yuuki

          yep there is time travel, i could give you short wrap up on the anime if you want, maybe helps you understand it better^^

          • Lester Paredes

            Sure! I mean, if you don’t mind. It looks interesting. I’d like to watch it for myself if the opportunity ever comes up. Gonna have to do some internet searches to see if it’s been sub-titled or not.

          • Yuuki

            The anime centers around Madoka, a farily average girl.
            That is until Homura comes to her class and ask her if she enjoys her current life to which she say yes.
            Homura simply answer then dont change it,

            A litle bit later she is shopping with her best friend Sayaka as she hears a strange cry for help which she runs after.

            The cry seems to come from a feliner thing called kyuubi which is attacked by homura.

            Madoka protects it and runs away with it as the world around her slowly gets bizare and strange deformed thing apears before her and sayaka but the are rescured by Mami who when explains them about the magical girls and the “witches” they fight,

            Kyuubi turns out to be the guys who gives the girls the powers, but this power has price to buy, wont say anymore,

            Well much later you find out that homura is traveling trough time because of a certain event.

            You can watch the dubbed version on aniplex or you go on the not so legal kissanime site and watch it subbed.

          • Lester Paredes

            Yeah. I found the DVD/blue Ray. Expensive things. I’ll definitely check it out. It looks pretty cool and from what you’ve told me, sounds much more interesting than your typical anime offerings. Well, at least the anime offerings we get in America…

  • WhyWai

    a magical girl game, hmm… since I enjoyed Neptunia games, maybe I’ll give this a try if it ever get translated…