According to a response from Shuhei Yoshida, the PS4 Link app will be available to download prior to the PlayStation 4’s launch.

With the recent announcement of the PlayStation app release dates (Nov. 13th in North America, the 22nd in Europe), PlayStation Vita owners were left to wonder when their version of the app would release. Dubbed “PS4 Link” due to its differences from the PlayStation app (which stem from some functionality being present on the Vita already), it will fill the gap between the smartphone/tablet app and our precious handhelds – but no mention of it in the press release was a bit worrying.

That in mind, I fired up Twitter and asked Shuhei Yoshida (President of Sony Computer Entertainment World Wide Studios) what the ETA on our special version of the app was, and he replied with a very reassuring answer;

As always, Yoshida-san comes to the rescue – assuring us Vita fans that we’re not forgotten about.

Thanks, Shuhei.