In-game billboards and advertisements pay homage to the real life Akihabara, bringing the feeling of the famous shopping district to Vita screens everywhere.

In addition to having actual Akihabara stores modelled in-game for players to visit, Akiba‚Äôs Trip 2 has billboards and advertisements for such titles as Disgaea 4 Return and Super Sonico. The game’s advertisements also point to Japanese media such as the Neptunia anime series and the Taito music group Zuntata.

Check out all the nods and culture inserted in the following in-game areas;

It appears this sequel also keeps the same loading screen habit the first title delivered, showing Akihabara culture through such notable cultural icons as Super Potato (a video game retailer who deals in retro titles), and Kaku-San-Sei Million Arthur (a popular F2P-style game from Square Enix).

Check out the loading screens;



  • Blue Nigel

    This looks awesome!!
    I hope it gets a western release ^^