At MCM Comic Con this past weekend Namco Bandai revealed details about the upcoming demo for Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z.

The demo will be available on the European PlayStation Network in December and will include not only a taste of the single player campaign, but also the online campaign as well. All progress made in the demo will be transferable to the retail copy-which is available on January 24th 2014 in Europe-via a local save. No word yet on an exact date, nor the content of the demo.

Will you be jumping online with Goku and his friends in the demo?

Let us know in the comments!


  • XtemmA2

    namco bandai is doing it so right with battle of z. localized versions getting released in just within a few days following the japanese release, and also a transferable save file from demo. just like soul sacrifice did. very saiyan-like!

  • Lester Paredes

    Oh, I hope NA get’s a demo too! I wanna play!

    • Mauricio Quintero

      What is NA?

      • Brian Sharon

        North America.

  • Rexchane Balachanthiran

    i cant find it on my vita!!

    • Kyle Wakeling

      If you’re from Europe you need to wait ’til the store updates later today (the 18th of December).

      • Rexchane Balachanthiran

        thnx now i found it!

        • Isley

          How did you find it in vita? Its not there on mine 🙁

          • Rexchane Balachanthiran

            i have the EU version

          • Brian Sharon

            It’s live in EU & NA – though it took its time in the former.