Batman may wear that suit to protect him, but even he can’t protect you from this game-breaking bug… unless you know what not to do.

Batman Arkham Origins: Blackgate was released just four days ago and already someone is reporting a game-breaking bug which might ruin your game experience if you’re not careful.

HardcoreGamer reports;

Near the end of the first map of the game, Industrial Complex, Black Mask must be chased down to retrieve a key card from a fallen engineer to restart the power in the area. After snagging the card, you must then backtrack to one of the first areas on the map and get the power back on. The map is fairly confusing as to how to navigate to already visited areas, so we did a little trial and error and naturally headed to the elevator. To get to the elevator, a water pump must be temporarily damaged to sneak past it. After doing this, we headed to the elevator to find it was still shut off and the previous alternate route had been disabled. We headed back to the water pump, only to find that it had turned back on. That wouldn’t be a problem if it was able to be deactivated again, but unfortunately, it can’t be from this side. No matter what you do and where you go, there is no way out once you find yourself in the area. The only solution? Delete your game save game and start from scratch.

Thankfully, this glitch can be avoided if you remember to not backtrack back to the water pump after grabbing the key card, but there is no way out for those who do. From our research, it seems that quite a few people have experienced this bug with no recourse but to start from the beginning.

He also mentions that there are unconfirmed reports of yet another game-breaking bug, though since it’s unconfirmed they’ve held off mentioning the exact details. If we get confirmation, we’ll let you know when we do.


  • David Aman

    At the risk of requesting a spoiler, how exactly are we supposed to progress past that point correctly? If we’re not supposed to backtrack to the water pump, what are we supposed to do instead?

  • Lester Paredes

    I really wish the map in this game were better. Otherwise, I’m rather enjoying it.

    • chris nixon

      Yeah, the map is total shit. The way everything is laid out, if you are scanning the map for pickups etc, you really can’t tell if it’s hidden nearby in the room you’re in, or if it’s under you. Very confusing.