Falcom president Toshihiro Kondo talks about the future of the company’s two main franchises; Ys and Legend of Heroes.

Sony’s Play Community website and Siliconera give us the pertinent conversation topics.

“Thanks to all you fans, Ys will be celebrating its 26th anniversary this year,” starts Kondo. “We’d like to keep spreading the ‘Ys-ism’ that our staff members have created, and I believe we’ll continue evolving it while staying true to the series. We haven’t reached a point where I can tell you much about the next game, but for now, I can tell you that we’re definitely looking to introduce new elements to the series.”

The next game? Sounds good to us… but what platform is it coming to? Read on;

“With new hardware and network structure, the way games are made is different nowadays, so we’re currently in the midst of deciding what to do next,” he continues. “We’ve had great reception regarding the PlayStation Vita’s touch screen features from those who’ve played Ys: Memories of Celceta, so I believe we’ll be working even harder to further evolve the Ys series.”

They seem to be pleased with the response the Vita title is getting – leading me to believe that they’ll be continuing the series on our favourite platform.

“With Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Flash, we went from PSP to a multi-platform release of PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita, from a top-down view to 3D graphics, a big system change, and detailed towns and fields, giving it a voluminous RPG feeling that is represented in 3D. The story takes place in new lands to go with new protagonists, and I believe we made it into a title that even newer RPG fans can enjoy.”

Kondo points out the history of evolution, leading into the idea that yet another title is coming to celebrate next year’s tin jubilee;

“Again, the Trails series will be entering its 10 year anniversary next year,” Kondo reiterates. “The development team is continuously working hard to start a new project with an eye on the anniversary as an objective, so please look forward to our next announcement.”

Lots of good news that’s likely to be directly related to our favourite handheld – are you getting excited for the future yet?

I know I am.


  • WhyWai

    Looking forward for this game on Vita. Finally an Action RPG for the west, since the two Tales of never make it to the west..