Developer Chucklefish announced today outlined a tier-based beta for their debut game Starbound. In a post on the game’s official blog, team member Tiy published a post with the headline “How the Beta is going to work” and followed it up by stating “Yup the title includes the word beta, that’s because it’s really not very far off now.”.

The post is quite lengthy and rather informative as to the stages in which the beta will roll out, however it was not specific as to which platforms it would be found on. Luckily we have contacted the developers directly and have learned that the beta will begin on PC, but will roll out to PlayStation Vita and other platforms in the future.

For those perhaps unfamiliar with Starbound, here is how Lead Writer Ashton Raze described the game in a post on the Official PlayStation Blog:

In Starbound, you take on the role of a character who’s just fled from their home planet, only to crash-land on another. From there you’ll embark on a quest to survive, discover, explore and fight your way across an infinite universe.

You’ll encounter procedurally generated creatures and weapons, discover populated villages and abandoned temples. Explore planets dotted with dungeons, eyeball trees and treasure. Build vast stone castles or lonely, secluded cabins, and do all of it alone or with friends!

  • Emre AK.

    I lovve this game every day i read the daily updates I expect it is like the pc version if not i think i have to sell my ps vita…

    and is minecraft like the Mobile version or xbox version ?

  • Devin Hudson

    I’ve been keeping an eye on this one, so I’m hoping it turns out to be good. It looks like the type of game that would be great to play on Vita (especially since the Vita version of Terraria is taking forever to come out).