Monsters are everywhere and only you can find them using your PlayStation Vita and a copy of Invizimals: The Alliance. A brand-new TV spot shows of just how wild the action can get, even on your own front lawn as you “hunt, capture, and battle”  these seemingly hidden creatures.

Moreover the trailer touches upon the cross-play functionality Invizimals: The Alliance has with its PlayStation 3 counterpart Invizimals: The Lost Kingdom, where players can trade creatures and even partake in four player battles.

Invizimals will hit both PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita in February 2014 across the PAL region.

Watch the TV spot below:


  • André Rocha

    February 2014? When was this delayed? Portuguese Playstation website has it announced for October 2013 although it doesn’t have a specific day and the moth will end tomorrow.

    • Brian Sharon

      Thanks! I was going by a pair of (obviously incorrect) listings from “trusted” sources!

      • Pata

        I have looked at all the local Amazon sites and all the regional PSN Stores and it seems that the game is just not available in UK, Ireland and Germany. The Germany Amazon site has the game pegged for a 26th February 2014 release and the UK Amazon still has it for pre-order with no release date specified.

        • André Rocha

          What intrigues me is the fact it wasn’t announced anywhere when it released o.O

  • Lester Paredes

    Is it bad that I want to slap the girl’s smug expression off of her face? Must be the instincts of a parent of a smarmy child kicking in. lol. It looks great. I’d love to play it, because I’ve always felt that the Vita could use it’s own Poke-like game. i was hoping Digimon would fill that role, but it never happened. I never played the PSP version, as I didn’t feel like investing in the camera. But since it’s built in here… c’mon Sony. Bring it across the pond!

  • WhyWai

    Makes me want a Pokemon-esque game on Vita… But this is definitely not that game

  • yellowmage

    There’s a trophy guide for The Alliance already. Apparently, it and The Lost Kingdom were released across Europe, except the UK and Germany, on 30th October.

    I was surprised, too, how it flew under the radar. You’d expect the Spanish gaming sites to trumpet it since the series is made there.