Japanese mega-company Atlus have just sent out a press report which details a “Collossal Gigantic” sale that is taking place on both Steam and PlayStation Network. The sale features a ton of titles on the PlayStation 3, and only one on the PlayStation Vita, but oh is it ever a big one. As of right now Persona 4 Golden is available for $19.99, which is a steal to say the least.

Persona 4 Golden is The Vita Lounge’s highest rated game, and the only title to receive a perfect score.

The sale ends on Tuesday November 5th, so jump in while you can senpai!

  • Eduardo Silva Reis

    does this discount apply to the european store? thanks 🙂

    • Escapethemoi

      Doesn’t seem so, no, PSN Store still lists at 39,95e. And shame on you for not owning the game already, shame on you!

  • billthomas

    the time has come