Sporting a roster of some of Namco Bandai’s most popular female characters, Super Heroine Chronicle is set to take over Japan in 2014, and while a list of confirmed characters had been released some time ago; we hadn’t seen much of them in action. Well it be sunny out somewhere because all of the heroines from under the Namco Bandai umbrella are jumping into action in a combat-heavy trailer for the game.

Super Heroine Chronicle will launch on PlayStation Vita for the price of ¥7,480 (aprox. $77.00), with cross-save functionality enabled upon its February 6th release.

Check it out for yourselves below:


  • XtemmA2

    OMG! import or wait for digital localization? sonyreward thing is quite tempting.

  • Lester Paredes

    I find it funny that they took the time to find a way to add boob jiggle in this game. lol. I’d give it a shot, even though I only have heard of Di Gi charat, and even that is only in passing. I was wondering if Kosmos would show up, but it looks like her evil arch nemesis is here instead.