Hey faithful Vita Lounge readers, ready for the END?

In celebration of one of our favourite holidays of sorts, we’ve put together a bit of a great give-away. The Vita Lounge is partnering with Curve Studios to bring you something befitting of the “spirit” of Hallowe’en – Lone Survivor: Director’s Cut.



Jasper Byrne’s new horror title is reminiscent of Silent Hill – only rendered in 8-bits. The funny thing is, despite its looks it’s quite the horror title, drawing you in with more classical scare tactics as opposed to relying on overly realistic graphics or gore.

If that hasn’t convinced you that you’ll enjoy the game, have a read of Paul’s review of the title.

Now the bit you’ve clicked on this post for – how to enter;

To enter to win one of four voucher codes for Lone Survivor: Director’s Cut, please comment below with your favourite Hallowe’en candy, your region, and your PlayStation Network ID. The winners will be selected by random number generator (random.org) from the comments at 11:59pm GMT or 11:59 Eastern tonight, depending on your region. At that point the chosen entrants will be messaged via PSN to confirm their identity and dole out the codes.

We’re giving out four codes (2 EU / 2 NA) to four different commenters at the above times – if you listened to our podcast, you know how to get a second chance to win 😉

That’s pretty much all you need to know, so get to entering!

Good luck, and Happy Hallowe’en! 😉

Update #1: European winners picked, snapshot taken at 11:59pm GMT. Winners are; Aled Burton and Escapethemoi!

Proof: #1 / #2 

Update #2: North American winners picked, snapshot taken at 11:59PM Eastern. Winners are; Malkavilis and HanselZSA!

Proof: #1 / #2

Congratulations on winning, guys – let us know how you like the game!

  • Escapethemoi

    Not actually a fan of candy per se, but I tend to enjoy the occasional chocolate bar. What I’m really looking forward to is this friday, my wife is grabbing the kids and going to some sort of halloween party and I’ll have the whole apartment to myself for a few hour. Might just buy a couple of energy drinks and occupy the couch, playing (hopefully Lone Survivor, but if not) Dragon’s Crown ’till my thumbs go nope nope nope.

    Region: Europe
    PSN ID: Escapethemoi

    • ExcaliburEdge

      I’m a dragons crowner as well. Add me if you wish.

      PSN: ExcaliburEdge

    • Kyle Wakeling

      Check your PSN inbox, Otto.

  • Hansel

    mmm? candy? probably a chocolate filled with something 8D

    • Kyle Wakeling

      Check your PSN inbox.

  • evya35

    Snickers or anything else with chocolate.
    Region: NA
    PSN ID: Evyataratarevyat

  • dlosnkl

    region: US
    id: DLOSNKL

  • shoyab master

    Skittles confused

    Psn Id: Shoyab
    Region: EU

  • HellRaiser

    We don’t celebrate Halloween here, but it’s my birthday *wink*
    Anyway, favourite candy would have to be white chocolate coated rasberry gummy things, omnomnomnomnom

    PSN: schecter322
    Region: EU

  • AllBradFlakes

    Favourite candy? Gotta be the Haribo peaches. But I can only seem to find them in Italy which is a bit of a problem. So I bought 12 packs the last time I went.
    PSN ID – AllBradFlakes

  • AllBradFlakes

    Region – EU

  • Magnumstache

    Banana Chewits, but they don’t make ’em anymore 🙁

    PSN: Koki_Monster
    Region: EU

  • mrfatuous

    Got to be those sweetie fangs for Halloween
    Region EU
    PSN: sickpupp

  • Soma Jaszberenyi

    My all time favourite candy is Skittles (the most sour one)
    PSN ID:rascheran

  • Silent Angel

    My favorite candy would have to be those corn/watermelon lollipops with chile powder on them.

    PSN: vSilentangel
    Region: NA

  • Rulfor

    Got a weak spot for smarties, once I start eating them I can’t stop 🙁

    PSN: Rulfor
    Region: EU

  • vrfm87

    Chocolate! Doesn´t matter the rest of the candies, only chocolate!


    PSN ID: Malkavilis

    • Kyle Wakeling

      Check your PSN inbox, Malkavilis

  • Aled Burton

    Hmm… Favourite halloween candy? Anything chocolate, simple as that!

    PSN ID: Sylpharion
    Region: EU

    • Kyle Wakeling

      Check your PSN inbox.

  • XtemmA2

    I hate candies. They gave me hellish toothache several times in the past. I was [–this–] close into signing a deal with satan.

    PSN ID: xtemma2
    region: NA
    funfact: cats have no taste bud for sweets.

  • ExcaliburEdge

    Candy: anything chocolate + peanut butter
    PSN: ExcaliburEdge
    Region: NA
    Hobbies: I enjoy long stalks on the beach.

  • Rod

    Skittles for sure! And anything soft and jelly-like.

    PSN ID: Roddy100
    Region: EU

  • Satu Patel

    Favorite Candy: Candy corn

    Region: NA
    Playstation ID: satu87121

  • Praky

    Strawberry candy.

    PSN ID: solidpraky
    Region: EU

  • Ricardo Reyes

    NERDS NA PSN:naruskex

  • Soh Ronery

    Favorite candy: Cherry blasters or any sour candy. I buy them in bulk the day after Halloween since they’re so cheap and they pretty much last till Christmas.

    PSN: SohRonery
    Region: NA

  • Mary Jane

    ID: maryvitagame
    Region: EU
    Sweet Candy

  • Qwert

    PSN: qwert_576



  • zeroup1212