It has been almost two months since Ubisoft Communications Manager Gary Steinman assured fans that the missing content in the PlayStation Vita version of Rayman Legends would be added in an upcoming patch; and according to a tweet from the developers Twitter account the patch is still in the works.

By now it is surely no secret that Ubisoft’s Rayman Legends hasn’t performed up to expectations. There had been rampant speculation as to why the game sold so poorly across all platforms, but when talking about the PlayStation Vita version; it’s clear that the now infamous missing “Invasion” was a key factor.

Hopefully the extra time that the team at Ubisoft are pouring into the patch will pay dividends, but one has to wonder if it already may be too late.


  • One of the best games of the year, even the stripped down version on Vita. Shame it didn’t sell that well.

  • Lester Paredes

    It’s probably already too late. I mean, I’ll certainly buy it once the patch is released, quite frankly, the only reason I haven’t bought it already is a lack of funds. Also, Ubisoft was pretty stupid releasing it within the shadow of the blockbusters that were releasing around the same time. They did the same with Rayman Origins too. It’s like they want Rayman to fail.

  • Buckybuckster

    It’s the prime reason why I’ve yet to pick it up. I sell games for somewhat of a living so I can verify it rather poorly for all systems. Very odd seeing that it appears to be a quality game.

    Can’t use the standard “sold poorly due to the Vita’s low installed base” excuse this time.

  • XtemmA2

    My concern right now is with Brian’s love to all things Playstaiton.

    • Brian Sharon

      Haha me too. It’s one of those days.

  • WhyWai

    bet ubisoft gonna trash talk how bad PsVita sales are without mentioning that nobody buy this on Vita because there are missing levels..

  • MG7317

    It’s too late of course.

  • Ryan Sasparilla

    the game is great even without the invasion levels, happy I bought it on Vita day 1

  • fatdog21

    Its a great game especailly on vita. I cant understand why this game not selling well? Its perfect for hand handle gaming. Sometimes i dnt umderstand what vita owners want…..

  • Aaron