After cutting the price of Persona 4 Golden last week, developer/publisher Atlus continues to roll our the savings as they have just announced that cross-play enabled dungeon-brawler Dragon’s Crown is their latest title to receive a lowered price.

As part of their multi-platform sale, they will be lowering the price of Dragon’s Crown to #29.99, along with slashing the cost of the Storyteller Voice Pack to a measly $1.49, The sale is effective both at participating retailers, as well as on PlayStation Network until November 12th.

  • ExcaliburEdge

    Great game! Add me for multiplayer!
    PSN: ExcaliburEdge

  • Lester Paredes

    Excellent game, guys! Get it if you love Diablo loot fests and awesomely animated sprites. Don’t worry about the exaggerated features on some of the cast, it’s really too ridiculous to be taken seriously, but I can understand the head scratching affects it’s had upon people.