We get a look at Hyper Light Drifter’s combat aspects via a pre-alpha trailer.

As the Drifter,you’ll be able to select either a gun, a  sword or some sort of force cube powers for weaponry. Players can also dash into and out of combat to either quickly reach foes or evade an incoming attack.

This is pre-alpha footage, so some things may be missing or not completely developed.

Release is scheduled for mid-2014.


  • Mauricio Quintero

    I am so dessperate for this one!

  • Aaron

    Looks awesome!

  • StarTrekGuy1701

    HOW IS IT POSSIBLE I HAD NEVER HEARD OF THIS ONE!!!!! IT LOOKS FRIKKIN AWESOME!!!! i consider myself oldschool having grown up with my nes & sega master, and this is right up my alley!!! A little bit of old school mixed up with some new school

  • Lester Paredes

    This game look seriously awesome! I love how the music is the complete opposite of what’s actually going onscreen.