According to Siliconera, there’s new Japanese PlayStation Vita bundle scheduled for release on December 5th. It includes a PSVita 2000, a 16GB memory card,¬†soft case, screen protector, cables¬†and a set of voucher codes for Dokodemo Issyo and Koneko mo Issyo – all for 22,000 yen (~$222 USD).

Aside from being a great deal, this is the first pack to include a 16GB card in-box – something of note for those looking to jump in.



  • Hansel

    i want a 16gb memory ._.

  • Abood Payne

    I want 64GB memory

  • Lester Paredes

    The blue and pink ones look really nice. Not nice enough for me to get rid of my OLED screen, but very nice looking indeed.