According to Famitsu, Marvelous AQL will be releasing an enhanced version of Valhalla Knights 3 to Japanese consumers on February 27th.

This 5,229 yen ($53 US) copy of Valhalla Knights 3 Gold will offer improved battle speed and function, story additions and shorter load times. It is being touted as pretty much a full re-make.

Additions include new facilities like the Red Light District’s “Erotica Heaven”, new races like the Angels and Demons, as well as five new jobs  – including the Gunner class. The game will have local and online multiplayer, as well as pre-order bonuses like the limited “Challenge from a Saint” quest, “Dark Lord’s Work Bid” item, and “Want to Undress More! Phantom Limit Girigiri Armor” item.

Save data from the original release will be able to be used in Valhalla Knights 3 Gold – and it will also be compatible with the PSVita TV.


  • XtemmA2

    wait wat? a full remake? wow, thats dissapointing, i was expecting a dlc expansion or a patch, so it would be a bundle sale. sigh. are japanese gamers rich folks? lol

  • Brian Sharon


  • Aaron

    Thats dissapointing.

  • Lester Paredes

    Too soon, people. Too soon. Wait… how long ago did this come out in Japan?