By now most people have probably gathered that Tearaway deals largely with paper, but perhaps what is lost in the all of the news how social an experience Media Molecule’s new IP plans to be. In a trailer released yesterday by the U.K. based developer the staff begin by exploring the papercraft world just a tad more, but then also delve into the more community driven aspects of the game,including the game’s suitably-named social-hub; Tearaway.Me.

Though the portal is not live just yet, it is set to launch shortly before Tearaway hits store shelves on November 22nd,  sothere is no better time than to become acquainted with what’s to come.

Take a look:

  • aros

    Sounds awesome. Hopefully this game will be one you can keep re-visiting like LBP. I know it won’t be as community focussed as that but going in to edit textures and give the world a new feel should be good fun.

  • fatdog21

    Im looking forward to this game.

  • Lester Paredes

    I want to hug this game so much! I hope they make a plush Iota or Atoi doll.