Hi folks, here’s this week’s update (not well, apologies for the delay!).

This week we have the release of Lego Marvel Super Heroes, as well as the “Pro Edition” of Breakquest Extra Eolution (I believe it must include unlimited balls, though not sure). Other than that….well nothing (no Flower for EU yet, but Jawad has confirmed it’ll be released by 29th November)! See you next week.



Breakquest: Extra Evolution Pro Edition
Price: £5.49/€6.99

Lego Marvel Super Heroes (available from 15th November)
Price: £34.99/€39.99
PEGI: 15


  • Virtue’s Last Reward Complete Collection – Now available in Russia
  • Deadly Premonition: Director’s Cut Gold Edition – Now available in Russia
  • Valhalla Knights III – Now available in Hungary, Kuwait, Qatar, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa,



Hakuoki: Warriors Of The Shinsengumi

  • Amber X 10
  • Amethyst X 10
  • Azurite X 10
  • Bamboo Log X 10
  • Beaten Gold X 10
  • Bellflower X 10
  • Bloodstone X 10
  • Brocade X 10
  • Camellia X 10
  • Copper X 10
  • Cotton X 10
  • Cowhide X 10
  • Cypress Log X 10
  • Ebony X 10
  • False Holly X 10

Prices: £0.65/€0.79
Availability: Not available in Australia, New Zealand