The PSVita TV with it's brethren.

You might want to rethink that import, since getting games onto your PSVita TV might not be as simple as you’re used to.

Reports are in that the PlayStation Vita TV will not support use of the PlayStation Store unless you’re using a Japanese account. That is to say, it’s impossible to directly download PlayStation Vita games to your PlayStation Vita TV through the internet.

A bit of light in the dark though; as you can use physical copies from all regions on the device, as well as potentially being able to download your titles on a PlayStation Vita using the same account you use for your PSVita TV, then swapping the memory card between devices.

More news on this as we get it.


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  • bss

    What? The post cited in your source article is from 2011.

    • Kyle Wakeling

      There’s an issue with NeoGAF right now.

      • bss

        The posts before and after the source in the thread are asking 2011 questions like how Uncharted plays, what Vita’s initial shipment numbers are in Japan, and what a Vita card looks like. People importing Vitas from Play Asia. One of the last posts on the (locked) thread is about someone just buying two new games – Everybody’s Golf and UMvC3.

        Your source article has its wires totally crossed.

  • Lester Paredes

    Crap, man! It’s a good thing I squashed that import bug before it sunk it’s mandibles in me.