It’s going to be Legen… wait for it… dary! Legendary!

A tweet from the Rayman Game Twitter account (@RaymanGame) has given us the date for the rest of the levels to drop, as well as another little addition.

November 26th release and they’re adding leaderboards? You guys ready for this?


  • Aaron


  • Pata

    Although I think Ubi should have included them from the start, it’s a nice gesture that we are still receiving them given the bad sales this game had.

  • Lester Paredes

    Time to purchase! Dagnabbit! Too many games to get this holiday season. And I’m just focussing on my Vita! I’ve been avoiding Steam and Good Old Games like they’ve got the plague in order to minimize the damage to my wallet…

  • Trent Berlinger

    I remember a lot of people getting upset when the initial release didn’t have all the content as the other versions of the game. It’s really nice to see this update coming so soon.

    I have not been interested in Rayman so much, but it’s still great to see support like this.