Killzone Mercenary has been one of the PlayStation Vita’s biggest titles of 2013 and it looks like the title may just get a little more robust in the near future.

It was just a few days ago that the question of future DLC content coming to Killzone Mercenary was posed to Guerrilla Games Art Director Tom Jones, who appeared on The Vita Cast for an exclusive interview. He was unable to speak officially about any specifics, but did suggest that fans; “watch this space“.

It’s clear that Guerrilla Games have a lot on their plate right now with Killzone: Shadow Fall on the PlayStation 4, but the suggestion that there may be DLC in the future for Mercenary is exciting nonetheless.

As always we will have more as this develops.

  • darkknezz

    Oh please give us a contract/ mission extension plus new multiplayer maps!!!!!

    • SmokeScreen

      New contracts would be great, but new campaign missions would be even better! because those would probably add more contracts too!

  • Lester Paredes

    Please! Anything but another update!

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  • HassanJamal

    Oh how I would love that custom match thing KZ SF has going for it.

  • 12zeroup .

    it would be cool if it was an campain extension that connects to shadowfall

    • SmokeScreen

      Good idea bro. That’s something i’d actually like to see. 🙂

  • André Rocha

    They should be more worried in fixing the game problems such as online connectivity issues and other stuff instead of thinking in ways to milk more money (aka dlc). And this is why I haven’t bought the game yet and by the looks of it I don’t think I won’t.

    When you have problems listed for your game that were spotter during CLOSED beta, stated during OPEN beta and with the finished product and still haven’t been fixed… well, that for me tells a lot and makes me lose confidence in the games and its developers.

    • Kyle Wakeling

      You say that and yet they’ve fixed the issues on my end from beta > now. I haven’t been kicked from a game or not been able to connect in over a month.

      Most of the issues with Vita internet connectivity are your router/ISPs fault at this point.

      • Brian Sharon

        I agree with Kyle. In fact they have patched the game so much that people are complaining about the size of the updates.

        That being said though there is a known glitch that can cause connectivity problems. If you are in a game, and put the Vita to “sleep” (for a substantial period of time), then return to it – you will (obviously) be kicked from that game.

        That’s fine.

        However the issue is that after doing this you can have a heck of a time joining an new game, and it seems to take a few tries to reset the issue.

        • André Rocha

          Can you confirm that if you’re in lobby and press the ps button to go to your party and text something to your friends and then get back to the game will the connection be lost or did they changed/fixed that?

  • Marc O’Neal

    More multi player maps and a new online mode would be nice. But, I am only a rank 13 right now. Have a ways to go.

  • SmokeScreen

    KZM needs more multiplayer maps. And new game modes would be great too! (Maybe a new vanguard to spice things up?)

  • nuttybones

    plz come to the psvita man