Tearaway is one of the most anticipated titles this year regardless of platform, and in anticipation of the it’s November 22nd release date we’ve partnered with the fine folks at Media Molecule for the Tearaway Swag-Away Contest.

We’ve received a handful of swanky Tearaway t-shirts (all of which are not made of paper but will make you feel more creative) and Sackboy/Iota key-rings, and we’re giving them away to fans of the upcoming papercraft adventure.

I’m sold! Brian, how do I enter?!” I’m glad you asked voice in my head.

To enter the contest all that you need to do is leave a comment below and winners will be randomly selected.  Easy Right?

Here are the Contest Rules:

–  All t-shirts are sized Mens Large.
–  T-Shirt & Key-ring winners are separate and selected at random.
–  Entries are limited to one per person, regardless of prize.
–  The contest is available to North American residents only.
–  Winners will be chosen at 11:22am on Monday, November 18th, 2013 (see what we did there?).
–  Staff members are not eligible to win, sorry Tyler.

Don’t wait and don’t hesitate, drop a comment below for your chance to win this exclusive Tearaway swag!


We’re ready to announce the winners of the contest, but before we do we want to let you in on a little secret. If you don’t find your name on the list of winners, don’t fret; you still have a chance to win!

We’ve reserved a t-shirt and a key-ring to give away during our next episode of our podcast. By listening to The Vita Cast on Wednesday November 20th, you will find out how to enter and potentially win your very own Tearaway swag!

 The Winners of the Tearaway Swag-Away Contest Are:

Key Rings

Jesus G. (Visari)
Niko of Death
Lisa Phan


Mark Reece
Mike Henderson
André Mourato

Congratulations to the lucky winners!

In order to claim your prize you must send an e-mail with your name and address to brian.sharon@thevitalounge.net before November 21, 2013. If you do not you will forfeit your prize and it will be awarded to another user,  so don’t forget!

If you didn’t win, remember to listen to the The Vita Cast on Wednesday for your chance to receive a Tearaway t-shirt or key-ring!

  • Mark Reece

    Best competition ever, seeing as my wife nicked my other Sackboy key ring. 😀

  • Silas Klug

    Oh man, those shirts are awesome. I can’t wait to pick up my preorder on the 22nd.

  • Amber

    Oh yay! So exciting! Thank you for the chance to win. I’ve got my eye on that lovely little keyring. 😉

  • Niko of Death

    Man I love this game. It’s going to be so surreal to finally play it.

  • Francisco Montiel

    Really hope to win, played the game at an expo and it’s really nice.

  • This game looks absolutely wonderful and amazing! I can’t wait! Thanks for the cool competition. These are awesome!

  • Kevin CFY

    Have this on pre-order. Massive fan of Rex Crowle’s work, so can’t wait to see his stamp on an entire game. (“Stamp”. Hehehe..)

  • shrimpdude

    This game is such a delight! I had to stop myself from playing the demo a few minutes in, so as not to spoil the game when it comes out!

  • brandon goodman

    Brian Sharon I’m in it to win it! can’t wait

  • brandon goodman

    IM IN IT TO WIN IT! Also Thanks To Brian Sharon For Helping Me Create My Account

    • Brian Sharon

      No problem Brandon, Good Luck!

  • brandon goodman

    i really hope i win i will love any media molecule game! i can’t wait to see the results i will cherish that shirt if i win i will cherish anything i win!

  • Timothy Malouff

    I kept waiting for a NA digital pre-order
    We get the packs if we order in the first week (Day one purchase for me)

    I am however excited for a chance to also win a physical prize.

    Thank you Media Molecule & TheVitaLounge

  • 12zeroup .

    my entry

  • Rebecca Collins

    HHNNNG I wanna make all the papercrafts!!!

  • evya35

    Wow, great competition.
    I cant wait to get the game, d’at music 0_0

  • Дмитрий Гермес

    Hello, I live in Russia, but if I win, I will give the prize to a worthy person on this portal.

  • Little_Thoughts

    Tearaway looks boss.

  • simplydan22

    This looks like a good one. Haven’t pre- ordered yet, but I probably should.

  • Allan Whitney

    Aww sweet I would definetly feel more creative with that shirt

  • XtemmA2

    Im not too interested to play Tearaway. It is a very good looking game though. I live in South East Asia, so if i win, let Tyler pick the winner (randomly. XD).

  • Ian Ovenden

    Looks awesome! I’ve ordered a Vita thanks to this – the time now seems right. Any other vita games I should pick up? Getting the mega pack with LBP. Wipeout 2048, Motorstorm rc etc

  • Goonkid

    That shirt looks soo good. The key-ring looks really funny since its sackboy wearing Iota face.

  • Devin Hudson

    You guys always have such great contests!

  • André Mourato

    Tearaway looks very artsy. Can’t wait to unleash my creativity in it. 🙂

  • Lester Paredes

    OH! Pick me! Pick me! It would be really awesome! Iota is so adorable! He gives Sackboy a run for his cuteness money. Thanks for the contest guys, you are the best.

    • Brian Sharon

      For the record this is Sackboy dressing up as Iota.

  • Jitesh

    most awaited game on the vita! cant waitt! 😀

  • admiralvic

    Can’t wait for Tearaway

  • Joe Qassim

    me me me

  • previsionary

    So excited for this game. I’ve not regretted my Vita purchase, but Tearaway is making me extremely thankful for the purchase. Awesome shirt and key-ring!

  • Noah LaVenture

    I Can’t wait for this game.

  • Tigerss

    yay I paid off my preorder of Tearaway a few days ago! 🙂

  • peaf79

    You can’t beat a bit of swag, really looking fwd to the game!

  • Alex Cullen

    As a fellow Vita enthusiast and Media Molecule fan, I simply must have that shirt.

  • Guest

    Thank you for that contest. I hope I could win something 🙂

  • fatdog21

    cool looking shirt.

  • MarTy O

    preordered mine ages ago. I’ve played/purchased every release of Little big planet to date. Tearaway just looks amazing, can’t wait for it 🙂

  • Zak Galna

    I will wear the shirt proudly!

  • I don’t know which I’d like better, the Keay chain or the T shirt. I know I’d be grateful for either, though! ^_^

  • Jeff Novak II

    Need that keychain!

  • videogamedude52

    Tearaway looks GREAT!!! I would like to win a prize please!!!

  • Jesus G. (Visari)

    I’ve loved Media Molecule since they started with LittleBigPlanet in 2008, and already have Tearaway paid off, and picking it up Friday, and I want to put the key ring on my Vita.

  • That Tearaway key chain is pretty cute.

  • Waru

    How very cool of you guys

  • KenB670

    A copy of the game would be great swag, as well! 🙂

    • Brian Sharon

      Don’t get greedy now… or else:

      • KenB670

        Not being greedy, mind you, just trying to complete the set… 🙂

        • Brian Sharon

          I’m just teasing!

          • KenB670

            I know! Like the meme, as well!

  • Mike Henderson

    Can’t wait for Tearaway! I’m ready for a new game with some ‘soul’ and a creative game world. (In the meantime, I’m playing Contrast via RemotePlay on the Vita via the PS4 — awesome!)

  • Silent Angel

    The little keychain guy looks pretty nice…. count me in 😀

  • JonathanisPrimus

    North America isn’t getting the keyring as a preorder bonus, so I’d like to win one.

  • Kuma79

    Hot damn! Thanks for the chance!

  • Eros Trujillo

    Winning comment GIT

  • Dollow Rlance

    This seems fun, I do hope I win as I been waiting for tearaway and it would be nice to have a shirt in memory of the game.

  • Evan M.

    Can’t wait for Tearaway – butterflies in my stomach! Media Molecule’s definitely my favourite company!

  • PSVitaFever .

    As a PS Vita Lover 🙂 I would love to win some tearaway swag 😀

  • Trent Berlinger

    I’d love to be entered into the contest. Sounds like a pretty interesting thing to win, not to mention how interesting the game is looking to be.

  • Matt

    Fingers crossed for a key ring. Either one would be great though.

  • Norman J. Rodriguez

    Me me me cross my fingers

  • Satu Patel

    Hey well this will go cool if I win with my preorder! Wish me luck. I’m in NA too!

  • Lisa Phan

    The t-shirt and key-ring look so awesome! ^o^ Extremely pumped for Tearaway this week. 😀

  • Tigerss

    id luv to hv a shirt :3

  • Briley Kenney

    Chance to win some swag huh? I’m in!

  • brandon goodman

    awesome! can’t wait to see who the winner is!

  • brandon goodman

    Its Amazing That I Can Be A Part Of These Amazing Contests I Will Love All Games No Matter How Old From Digital Pac-Man In An Arcade To Call Of Duty On My Xbox And PS3 But The Point Is I Love All Games And Im Not Gonna Be Disappointed If I Don’t Win Anything. Because Someone Else Did! And They Are Happy. And That Makes Me Happy. Thank You For Reading On But Im Not Done. If You Don’t Win Anything Don’t Be Mad. Because Someone Else Is So Happy That They Had Won Something. And If I Won I Would Be As Happy As I Was The First Time I Won That Claw Machine. Or When I Got The Pride And Joy Of My Entire Life. My Dog. But Have A Great Day Everyone Working At The Vita Lounge. And You Have A Great Day Too Brian Sharon. Thank You All For Reading.

  • aros

    Oh my god, that keyring is absolutely brilliant. I want to buy one!

  • JoeCool

    Reporting! I want to enter for a shirt! any Medium sizes?! :O

  • Chief

    Those shirts look sharp!