News on the Vita version of Minecraft is very difficult to come by at the least aside from the knowledge that it is being developed by 4J Studios, the Scottish team behind the excellent Xbox 360 conversion as well as the next gen and PS3 versions. The silence towards the Vita version was raising assumptions from some that we would be getting the Pocket Version for the handheld. Whilst this would not be a bad thing – the PE has made many leaps and bounds recently – it would represent a missed opportunity. After all, a true portable Minecraft on the go would be a sure fire system seller.

Thankfully, Jens Bergensten (or Jeb as he is also known) has stated on Reddit that the Vita version uses the same code as the consoles.

“I replied to this question elsewhere… Short answer is that the Vita will use the code base for consoles, and not from Pocket Edition.”

As well as representing great news, it also shows that we need to spend more time on Reddit!

What do you make of this? Are you excited for the Vita version?

Sources – Ps4vitanews Reddit

  • aros

    I can’t wait. I wish they would give a rough release date though!

  • Trent Berlinger

    If this is true, then that is great. While I have not played Pocket Edition, I have heard people talking about what it can do and cannot do.

    Either way, I’m excited about being able to play Minecraft on my PS Vita.

  • VitaUnlocked

    So excited for this. Should be great, especially as it is using console code. Building on the go = instant purchase.

  • Satu Patel

    Just give me any version for my vita.

  • ahhh yeah! I can’t wait for this game on Vita 😀

  • Z_

    They also mentioned that, if there would be any cross-platform compatibility, it would be with the PS4.

  • sulpheed


  • Lester Paredes

    I’m not. But that’s just because i’m not into Minecraft. I know a lot of people who are though.