This week we’ve got The Amazing Spiderman hitting the North American PSN, with Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath hopping on the PlayStation Plus list. Not much on the sale front, though…

PSVita Releases;

  • The Amazing Spider-Man – ($39.99)

PlayStation Plus;

  • Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath – (FREE!)

Price Drop;

  • Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward – (new price: $24.99  / old price: $34.99)


– Sound Shapes

  • Sound Shapes City Art Pack ($0.99)
  • Sound Shapes Old School Sound Pack ($0.99)
  • Sound Shapes Vocoder Sound Pack ($0.99)

– Valhalla Knights 3

  • Amazon Card ($1.49)
  • Bp Backer ($1.99)
  • Calavera Set ($1.99)
  • Class Change Card Set ($5.99)
  • Congratulotion ($1.99)
  • High Witch’s Set ($1.99)
  • Lv. Up Medicine ($0.99)
  • Lv. Up Medicine ($0.69)
  • Merchant Card ($1.49)
  • Ninja Card ($1.49)
  • Platinum Chunk ($2.99)
  • Samurai Card ($1.49)
  • Sbp Up Medicine ($2.99)
  • Sbp Up Medicine ($1.49)
  • Shaman Card ($1.49)
  • Soldier Card ($1.49)
  • Survibration ($1.99)
  • Tough Weapon Set 1 ($2.99)
  • Tough Weapon Set 2 ($2.49)
  • Val Shard X1 ($0.49)
  • Comrades Set ($2.99)
  • Foreigners No. 3 ($1.99)


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  • Trent Berlinger

    Wow. Lots of stuff for Valhalla Knights 3. Very nice.

    I’ve got Spider-Man and it’s playing great thus far. A little lag in some cutscenes (I got the retail release), but otherwise, great.

    • Lester Paredes

      I liked the console version just fine, I just never get to play my console. I have been interested in this game since it got announced for Vita. Hearing that it plays great from a fellow Vita owner is awesome, since I’ve been searching the internet for any details on how it plays on the handheld. Can you give any more specifics?

      • Trent Berlinger

        Check the Vita Lounge forums. I did a pretty in-depth Impressions topic there.

        Summarized, it runs smooth savor some minor frame-rate issues, looks good (Not PS3 good, but good), and has controls easy to get used to. The free roam is fun.

        Huge city and once you get some story missions done there are a lot of sidequests you can do, like saving civilians,grabbing photos for the media, etc.

        • Lester Paredes

          Thanks! I’m gonna go buy it, then!

  • Mauricio Quintero

    I tought Mexico was part of North America.

    • Kyle Wakeling

      Not anymore! (for the sake of PSN updates, anyways, lol)

      • Mauricio Quintero

        Why for the sake of updates?

        • Kyle Wakeling

          Canada and the US shore a store, Mexico doesn’t share that same store due to both language and content barriers.

  • Lester Paredes

    Stranger’s Wrath is an excellent game. Still haven’t beaten it, though. But I’ve had that problem since it originally released on Xbox. I’ve bought it three times, though (Xbox, PC, Vita). I really need to follow through… but all these new games won’t play themselves!

  • aros

    Spiderman sounds incredible. I will definitely be picking it up.