Reddit user beatvita has turned us on to a little task that can net you three PSOne Classics in North America.

A quote from his Reddit post;

There is a new PS4 area where you can easily win three PS1 titles. Jump on the Giant Vita inside the new PS4 Area, then the “Quest for Greatness” that is there and that will take maybe 10 minutes or so. You will get three redeemable codes for doing so, The games are playable on PS3 and Vita.

So jump into PlayStation Home and grab those Vita-compatible PSOne titles while you can!

No word on if this will be available in Europe post PS4 launch, if we hear anything we’ll let you know.


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  • AndrĂ© Rocha

    NA only -.-‘

    • Kyle Wakeling

      It’s in celebration of the PS4 launch, so yeah…
      Might be one in Europe post release, but nobody’s sure.

  • ruefrak

    Thanks. That was surprisingly fast and easy. Three PSOne games for my Vita. Really cool. Not sure if they’re the same for everyone, but my 3 games were Twisted Metal, Destruction Derby, and Warhawk.

    • Kyle Wakeling

      Yes, they’re the same for everyone. đŸ™‚

    • AndrĂ© Rocha

      Damn I don’t like any of those games -.-‘ but hey, if this comes to EU I’ll be getting them because… there free and I can’t be mad at free stuff can I XD

  • fatdog21

    and this is why i love playstation. they didnt have to do this but like always they find ways to spoil us lol

  • Devin Hudson

    Home is worth loading up every once in a a while when they offer up cool freebies like this. I’ve never played any of those games so I’ll definitely be giving this a go.