Sony have announced via twitter that they will be launching PS Mobile in a host of new regions across the globe.

The announcement comes via a tweet by PlayStation Europe(@PlayStationEU) which states that on December 18th the service will be available in Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden and New Zealand.

PS Mobile is an ever growing wing of the PlayStation brand, and as such we at The Vita Lounge have recently made it our mission to begin covering games from the platform moving forward.


XMPT Games have reached out and informed us via twitter that developers of PlayStation Mobile games that are already on the platform must resubmit their “apps” in order for them to be available in the nine-new regions.

  • Finally!

    Time to get Cytus Lambda and Super Crate Box.

  • VitaLombax

    Nice to see this, and also nice to see that you’ll be covering PlayStation Mobile stuff, too. Will that also apply to existing releases, or just new ones going forward?

  • Kyle Wakeling

    Good timing, we just pledged to cover PlayStation Mobile titles.

    • Brian Sharon

      Most definitely.