If you’re having demo problems I feel bad for you son, while I wait on my copy I’m going to have some fun. 😉

If you’re reading this, Tearaway has released in North America and Europe to a hell of a lot of fan-fare. Not only that, but those on the fence can now download a demo to try out – though North Americans might need a little digging to get to it.

If you’re in Europe, I’ve been told that you can find the demo in the regular location on the store, however North Americans currently need to search “Tearaway” on the PlayStation Store on their Vitas to find the demo. At ~950 MB for North America and ~1300 MB for Europe it’s no light-weight when it comes to content and will hopefully give you enough of a taste of Iota/Atoi’s world to get you addicted.

If not, well – there’s always Killzone for the naysayers.

  • Jonathan Harding-Rathbone

    It’s actually the same size as the full game download…which is just over 1300mb.

  • Jimmy Rustler

    What’s with the difference in file size? Does Europe get bonus chapters or is it just the sum of the game and bonus music tracks?

    • Jonathan Harding-Rathbone

      It’s most likely the different languages and stuff…that’s what it usually is, though roughly a quarter of the size does seem a little much.

      • Kyle Wakeling

        Jon’s correct, the only real difference is the extra European languages.

  • guadzillah

    Thanks for the information!! I have the US store on my vita and I thought that there was no demo for the USA, now I’m finally downloading the demo

  • ruefrak

    I’m playing the Tearaway demo… and it just keeps going. How long is the demo? I keep expecting it to stop at some point, but it doesn’t. Anyone know when it’s supposed to end?
    edit: Too funny. The demo ended literally as soon as I posted my question. It’s a good amount of play for a demo. I’m really impressed.