With the game just releasing at the start of the month, we’re a bit surprised (though definitely pleased) at the announcement that we’ll be getting two new DLC campaigns this week.

Zen Studios just released information regarding the new DLC in a blog post, have a read;

Well that didn’t take long, did it? Next week we’ll be releasing both sets of DLC onto PSN in North America and Europe!

From Outcast to Savior and The Warrior Queen DLC campaigns will be released onto PSN in North America on November 26th and to Europe on November 27th! Each pack is more than just a new campaign; both come with new heroes, new levels, and crazy additions to your arsenal, so get ready to demolish enemy fortresses in new ways. You can get more details and watch trailers for The Warrior Queen and From Outcast to Savior here on our blog. Each DLC campaign will be priced at $2.99 in North America and €2.99 in Europe (with Cross Buy entitlement).

New to CastleStorm? Check out some of our previous blog posts and get acquainted with the CastleStorm crew! We also have free wallpaper for you to download, just click this link and choose your favorite or grab them all.

Out this week and $2.99/€2.99? Good news by the castle-full!

Source (Thanks to BlueMaxima for the tip)

  • Lester Paredes

    I downloaded it, but have been busy with The Amazing Spider-Man and Injustice. I really am enjoying those games (warts and all). I’ll play it soon… probably. After All, I did just get Tearaway…

    • darkknezz

      I’m with ya, between batman/blackgate, spiderman which is hella fun, injustice, tearaway, castlestorm, killzone, dragons crown im having a blast. And just think i have the new zelda for 3dsxl and Rayman Legends for vita that i haven’t even played yet….who needs a ps4 or xbox one?

  • aros

    Awesome, loving Castlestorm.

  • That was fast 🙂 buying!

  • ruefrak

    I’m addicted to this game. I’ve got a PS4 sitting on the sidelines so that I can keep playing CastleStorm.