Many North American PSN users have reported issues with logging into their respective PlayStation Network accounts in the past 24 hours, and it seems as though Sony have addressed the problem via a mass e-mail.

According to comments from within the PlayStation Community, the e-mail is slowly rolling out to PSN users and encourages the recipient to change their password.

We have personally run into the problem, and can confirm that the simple password swap recommended will indeed fix the issue, no e-mail required. The proactive method that we used to remedy the hiccup was to go to our regional Sony Entertainment Network portal and click on the “Trouble Signing in?” option. From there it was a simple matter of utilizing the “I Forgot My Password” recovery tool to create a new password.

Security has become a top priority for Sony after the infamous hacking of the PlayStation Network in the spring of 2011 found many user’s personal information compromised.

Have you received your e-mail? Let us know in the comments.


  • Lester Paredes

    Had to change mine today. Though, I forgot to make the change on my PS3 as well. Sure hope my wife doesn’t try to watch netflix before going to sleep…

  • sulpheed

    i forgot my date of birth,and i cannot call to the support center maybe because i live in asia ? what i suppose to do and one more thing is my english not good @@, i dont know how to get back my account.Tomorrow soul sacrifice will be free,now i lost my psn account,well done Sony

    • Mark Reece

      Who forgets their date of birth?

      • sulpheed

        i used a fake birthday when i created my account 😡

        • JonofPDX


          I mean, I guess call Sony and explain your situation but really, there’s almost nothing someone could do with JUST your birthdate. I’m afraid to say you may be stuck without your birthdate but maybe they’ll be able to send you and email password change with your credit card number?

          Good luck, anyway.

  • Patrick Culleton

    happened over here (europe) last week. No email was ever sent out. Found out, by surfing the net about info.

  • JonofPDX

    Happened to me–changed my password as soon as it happened. Haven’t got an email yet but will ignore it when I do. Good to see this was a Sony issue, though. Was a little worried I’d been hacked.

  • Mauricio Quintero

    In Mexico too.