In a recent post on the Official PlayStation Blog by Guerrilla Cambrdige Senior Producer Mark Green it was announced that Killzone Mercenary would be receiving multiple updates in the future, one of which add support for PS Vita TV in 2014.

Given the fact that Killzone Mercenary is available in Japan this is obviously not an official confirmation, but when the situation is looked at further; some curious points begin to arise.

One of initial oddities we noticed was that the Killzone article was published on November 26th on both the EU and US regional portals of the blog, but was suspiciously absent from the Asian edition; where the currently Japan-only device is set to expand.

We currently know that despite not being region-locked, importing the PS Vita TV proves fruitless as access to the PSN Store directly through the device in North America and Europe is impossible. One has to then question what purpose does informing a Western audience of the PS Vita enabling update have if servers in that region are not (and will not be) live?

Also very interesting is the choice of game itself. While if perhaps an update were to be detailed for a Japanese developed or published title it may have gone unnoticed, Killzone is a property that has strong ties to the West and specifically Europe. This is made even more dubious by the fact that many of the PlayStation Vita’s most popular Western-developed titles haven’t yet been patched for the service, including Uncharted: Golden Abyss, Assassin’s Creed 3: Liberation; and more.

Sony have been quite hesitant when approached about the chance of the PS Vita TV finding a home in the West, but given the demand it would be foolish for them not to at least consider the possibility.

Do you think that this is a sign of things to come? Let us know in the comments.

  • bss

    Hey-o, it’s me again, the guy who noticed PCH-2000 showing up in the English web manual? Obviously that hasn’t proven anything yet, but Vita TV shows up in it too, now (and it didn’t when I tweeted the PCH-2000 thing).

    Same caveats as before apply, of course.

  • Lester Paredes

    Oh, I sure wish it would. I could put my PS3 in the living room and my Vita TV in the bedroom and still have access to all the streaming choices we have. Please! Bring it out and take more of my money, Sony!

  • ruefrak

    I want a Vita TV almost as much as the PS4. But I do have one feature I’d like to see. I want it to be able to play any Vita game, whether it has been approved/patched or not. Some games, like Modnation Racers Roadtrip, require next to no touchscreen interaction but are not able to run. I’d like to see it just give you a warning that the game isn’t patched and you enter at your own risk. Then for the portions where you do need to touch, just click the L3 to bring up a cursor and then click R3 to act as the touch.
    But from what I’m hearing now, you just get an error message if you try to play an unapproved game.

    • Luckeh

      hopefully if it comes to the west it could come with a daulshock 4 so we can play touchscreen games ;x or maybe we could just use the vita as a controller


    it may end up just a DIRECT ORDER EXCLUSIVE from SONY’s own website, which I would be very happy with because then there is no loss on there part and they can test the water before mass attempts.