You have been warned! This week we have an extra long episode for your ears to devour. We talk the usual news, releases, and emails, but we have a special quest from the Youtubes. Welcome BlueMaxima as we get a little crazy with his presence in the cast. Blue gets distracted by my beautiful avatars and Brian speed pronounces some more Japanese games.

Enjoy this weeks episode, and like always come find us on the forums here!


Episode 6: Ben Loves My Avatars

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Tyler Olthoff is a 24 year old who has been gaming since he can remember. In love with almost all types of games, the only type he can't stand (and that's probably because he sucks at it) is fighting games. His favorite genres would have to be shooters, RPGs, and adventure games. He owns almost every new system out there including PS4, PS3, XB1, PSVita and the 3DS, but barely plays any of them as it's mainly his good old Vita getting the attention!
  • ruefrak

    Can I make a small request? Any chance you could settle on a standard way for naming the podcast file?
    So far we have names like
    Podcast Ep. 2.mp3
    03 – Stormin’ Castles with Bobby.mp3
    Podcast ep 4.mp3
    Podcast Episode 5.mp3
    Podcast Ep6.mp3

  • Owen McNamara

    Thanks for taking my question! I realized afterwards that Borderlands 2 is coming to Vita (derp). I hadn’t heard about Bioshock coming to Vita before, but that’s some good news. I have played Unit 13’s demo, and enjoyed it; guess I should pick that up. Sad to hear the developer shut down, though. At least Killzone will be getting bots soon, which makes me very happy. I’m sick of JRPG dungeon crawlers!

    Also, good job on pronouncing my last name! Most people get it wrong. πŸ˜›

    • BioShock was supposed to come to the Vita, but it’s not even in development yet. It won’t come.

      • Owen McNamara

        Oh, I misheard. Too bad. πŸ™

    • Kyle Wakeling

      Thanks for the comment/question, Owen – and for the pronunciation compliment. πŸ™‚

  • Lester Paredes

    For the record, he deserves all the s*it he gets for buying that incredibly expensive port of a mostly free iphone game. lol.