According to a user from Reddit, he has been banned from the PlayStation Network for 24 hours without warning for uploading lewd papercraft photos to the Tearaway community portal.

When Media Molecule unleashed Tearaway to the masses they gave users the opportunity to craft anything that their imaginations could conjure, and if the internet has taught us anything – that in many cases means something phallic in nature.  While it’s understanding that developers Media Molecule and Sony themselves would not want images of genitalia gracing the official website of their family-friendly title, being banned without notification from PSN could be perceived as a rather harsh punishment for a first-time offender.

That being said, with knowledge of the ban, please contemplate and consider the content of your photographs before you push the upload button.


  • chava

    Harsh because of ban without notice? For publication of inappropriate content on a game rated T at the most if not E? Come on this type of behavior should not be tolerated if they keep it to themselves is a whole other story, but if i read correctly he published it , fk that they get what they deserve notice or not they new what they were doing and with what intentions they did it, so fk the notice he should know better

    • Brian Sharon

      That’s one way to see it, another way could be that this user didn’t necessarily understand the impact of his actions. He mentions in his post that he added the image to a squirrel – which could perhaps mean that this was quite early on in the game.

      I’m not standing up for what he did, merely stating that banning him is a bit harsh.The image could have been taken down and a warning e-mail/message could have been sent.

      • chava

        Thats like saying bullies dont know better, i idk but but looking at the rating of the game you cant expect less. Im not saying you are defending him but will you like your kids seeing inappropriate images just because some clown didnt know better? Probably not

      • Lester Paredes

        Sorry Brian, but I have to totally disagree with you. That would be like saying:: I’m sorry I punched him in the face, I didn’t understand the impact of my actions. Or: I’m sorry I beat you as a child, I didn’t realize the impact of my actions. Or: I’m sorry I beat my wife, I didn’t understand the implications.
        Granted, my examples are much more violent, but you get the general idea: You do an obviously wrong thing, you obviously get punished for it.

      • Pablo Nilo

        Brian… It’sa one day ban… That’s basically a warning…. Considering the fact that you don’t need online for mostgames (including tearaway) this is really just a slap on the wrist

        • Brian Sharon

          I understand . Dont mistake my commeny for defense ot personal opinion though, im merely seeing the report from all angles.

  • Devin Hudson

    Personally it seems like a pretty light punishment. One day is not much in the grand scheme of things, but hopefully it is enough time to get this guy to think about what he did and realize how stupid it was.

    And I’d rather have Sony take care of this on an individual basis rather than go the Nintendo route and end up eventually shutting the whole service down (as they did with their Swapnote service recently). It’s better to start cracking down on this kind of stuff fast and hard now before it spreads out of hand.

  • Lester Paredes

    Yeah, no. It’s perfectly justifiable. Jerk went and put up a paper craft penis, no doubt. It’s what they get. You do bad things, you get punished, the end. Harsh would have been a lifetime ban.

  • aros

    You would be pretty foolish to upload something like that. They aren’t banning you from doing it in the game. Anyone with common sense would have known not to upload.

  • Mauricio Quintero

    This kids should not be playing without parents vigilance.