Starting today, being Sunday the 1st of December, the EU PlayStation store will be featuring the ’12 Deals of Christmas’ promotion. Every 48 hours, two discounts (one for PS3 and one for the PS Vita) will be posted for the store. The promotion will last until December the 25th. The titles on sale will not be announced before their discounts appear on the store.

On a side not, it is rather strange that the video Sony uploaded to accompany the announcement only mentions the PlayStation 3, while the blog page (see source) clearly mentions the discounts will be evenly distributed among PS3 and PS Vita. I would in the least expect them to stamp a PS Vita watermark on the video, which they failed to do, while there is a giant PS3 logo present. Is it just me, or this advertisement another example of Sony’s on-going refusal to appropriately market the Vita?


The first title on sale is FIFA 14, which has dropped in price from €49.99/£44.99 to €24.99/£19.99.


The second title on sale is Spelunky, which has gone from €14.99 to €6.99.


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  • Himanshu Goel

    Sony, how hard is it to put a PSVita logo in the corner?!!!!

  • Tisk Tisk Sony. Come on even I could stamp a vita logo on my vids no problem takes 2 seconds!

  • Kyle Wakeling

    Forget the bitching about the logo, where’s the NA sale? lol

    • You guys have Black Friday, may we not get something nice (or FIFA) for once?

      • Kyle Wakeling

        You guys have digital deals this weekend too – we got Rayman Legends half price and that’s it on the PSN (where I actually have money right now). I think we’re getting screwed here tbh, but that’s not unusual.

    • Jeff Masser

      Kyle, what’s your psn id?

      • Kyle Wakeling

        teflontactics – I use the same ID everywhere.

        • Jeff Masser

          cool, sent you a request, I’m jqm78

        • Jeff Masser

          saw you got that plat in kz mercenary and soul sacrifice like I did.. what great games. Do you still play online?

          • Kyle Wakeling

            I do, though mostly just with friends (I don’t usually jump on by myself).

            As for what platinums I’m working on – Spider-Man, Tearaway and NFS: Most Wanted are all on my to-do list. Rayman I’ll get to when I’ve thinned out the herd a bit. haha

  • Jeff Masser

    Jumped all over Rayman legends for $17 the other day… it’s Perfect on Vita.. great for short gaming sessions and it looks AMAZING on the oled screen.. plus, it’s now got all the same content that the console versions have..