In the weeks since Telltale Games unveiled The Walking Dead: Season Two, we’ve have very little information to go on other than a brief teaser trailer that centered around the lovable Clementine. Thankfully a tweet from the developer has not only revealed the return of a familiar face, but also that we could see the game earlier than we had once though.

*Potential The Walking Dead: Season 1 Spoilers Below*

The tweet a screenshot Omid from Season One of the The Walking Dead: The Video Game. While they say that “a picture is worth a thousand words”, in this instance we can only speculate what the reveal means moving forward. What we do know however is that according to the Telltale the first episode – titled “All That Remains” – of The Walking Dead: Season Two will be releasing sometime this month.

Given that Telltale are currently in full-stride with their other episodic title, The Wolf Among Us, and have been rumoured to be working on a brand-new title inspired by Game of Thrones; the announcement of the first episode arriving before years-end comes as a bit of a surprise.

It should be noted that the iOS and PS Vita ports of Telltale games typically come at a later date than their console counterparts, and unfortunately Season 2 will reportedly be no different.

As per usual, you can expect to find the details at The Vita Lounge as this project develops.