The ESRB are at it again, their rating system showing us that the God of War Collection for Vita is at least progressing towards release (otherwise why would they have it rated, right?) In this case, the game also teases you with its lovely description of content…


Hopefully the game isn’t too far behind the rating, as we were starting to get a little worried – other than Shuhei Yoshida tweeting about it, we hadn’t heard a word since the announcement. Guess that’s no longer the case, huh?


  • Undrey

    I just wanted to say this, didn’t know where, but wanted to say this.

    I don’t mind ports as long as they don’t feel like ports. As in, they don’t look terrible compared to other Vita games.

    • Mauricio Quintero

      Good ports like Metal Gear?

    • fatdog21

      I agree after jak & daxter mess up i hope sony learn their lesson with makin shitty ports…and to be honest i dont why sony port or remake more ps2 games to vita to help fill in the down time when there isnt much games coming out???

  • Lester Paredes

    I dunno, they revealed that they rated the Sly Cooper Collection for Vita a long time ago, and that never surfaced… Sad too. i could go for some Sly on the go…