If you’ve got another memory card (or are lucky enough to have a  second Vita), now’s the time to set up a Japanese PSN account on it – Soul Sacrifice Delta is getting a Japanese demo on December 12th.

Here’s the trailer for the demo;

The demo for Soul Sacrifice Delta is set to release well ahead of the game’s March 2014 release, allowing players to fight new monsters from the Grimm faction a bit early. The trailer shows the Snow White and Red Riding Hood based characters, with Cinderella (a centipede monster) also appearing in the full game.

This December 12th demo will support ad-hoc and infrastructure multiplayer, so you can play the game with other sorcerers over the internet while you anticipate release. Hopefully, it’ll also follow suit in having the demo’s save game transfer to the full one – though I haven’t seen any confirmation yet.

Will you be making the switch for a try of this updated title, or is it too much work? (aka; Boo, Sony – make multiple accounts on Vita easier!)


  • Lester Paredes

    It looks SO good.

  • Heavenly_King

    the extra content should be an expansion for the original. And also a retail version for those who dont own the original.