Yet another rating for a PlayStation Vita port of  Ratchet & Clank: (Into the) Nexus has appeared, this time by way of European content rating system PEGI.

Despite Insomiac’s extremely tight lips, leaks surrounding PS Vita version Ratchet & Clank: Into the Nexus have been popping up like weeds. As alluded to earlier, this latest post follows a similar rating by the ESRB.

— Original Listing from PEGI —

Ratchet & Clank: Nexus
Sony Computer Entertainment Europe
The content of this game is suitable for persons aged 7 years and over only.
It contains: Non realistic looking violence towards fantasy characters – Violence that is set in a cartoon, slapstick or child like setting that could be upsetting to very young children – Pictures or sounds likely to be scary to young children
System: PlayStation Vita
Genre: Other

No official confirmation or announcement have come from Insomiac or Sony.
  • Jeff Masser

    I’m definitely down for this on Vita!

  • Lester Paredes

    I’ll definitely buy this for Vita. Even if i get it for PS3 on Christmas, I’ll double dip. YOU HEAR ME INSOMNIAC!??! If you can hear me, may we please get the original 3 Ratchet and Clanks as well as Deadlocked on Vita?

  • aros

    I’m worried their engine just doesn’t work on Vita. I pre-order nearly all Vita games I’m interested in but think I’ll wait for reviews on this one.

  • Pata

    The last sentence should read as “(Still) No official confirmation or announcement have come from Insomniac or Sony.”.

  • aros

    I doubt they will announce it until they know it runs at 30fps as people got very, very angry over the delay on the last game.

  • VitaLombax

    I think it’s pretty obvious by now that this actually exists in the form of more than just rumours. Insta-buy for me!

    Here’s hoping for a port of the HD collection, too.

  • VitaLombax

    Amazon UK has put up a page for a 2014 release for this:

    It’s blatantly a placeholder (it gives December 31st 2014 as the date, and even though the page title states “PSV” it lists CD-ROM as the medium), but there it is. 😉