What the heck, no Terraria for Tyler! Well we’re still here for you guys. This week we do the usual stuff; news, new releases, and some listener mail. We have a great discussion about some emails we got, too.

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The weekly podcast will go up every Wednesday if everything goes as planned, enjoy this weeks episode!

Episode 7: Papercraft and Personas

Intro Music: Space Rocket by V-Axys

Outro Music by Kyle Von

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Tyler Olthoff is a 24 year old who has been gaming since he can remember. In love with almost all types of games, the only type he can't stand (and that's probably because he sucks at it) is fighting games. His favorite genres would have to be shooters, RPGs, and adventure games. He owns almost every new system out there including PS4, PS3, XB1, PSVita and the 3DS, but barely plays any of them as it's mainly his good old Vita getting the attention!
  • RoboAddy

    I really wish this podcast had an RSS feed. I’d love to listen but I can’t use my podcatching app πŸ™

    • WhyWai

      I came again to make this same request too… Please make this happen Vita Lounge..

    • We wish this as well hopefully we can deliver on that request asap!

  • There’s a soundcloud app on the android and IOS store if you want the podcast on your phone. πŸ™‚

  • Jeff Masser

    Great Podcast! Vita Lounge is one of my favorite website, keep ’em coming!

    Just platted tearaway (totally put a penis on the squirell’s head as well, but didn’t upload it) and “cracked” into Y’s myself. Great game, although I wish it had online mp and camera control. Also juggling Rayman Legends, amazing spiderman and Killzone mercenary (such awesome multiplayer).

    Sonic racing for vita is a great game for vita, but the platinum is next to impossible.. big props to anyone who gets it. Personally, I’d say the graphics and controls are pretty good, too.

    I’m hyped as hell for olliolli too, shame it got delayed, but I’m hoping it’s polished and has a platinum (doubtful)… Any idea as to what the price is going to be?

    also looking forward to Toukiden’s american release, since I platted soul sacrifice and it looks similar. Have you guys heard anything extra about Toukiden?

    I had mutant mudds on 3ds… it was ok.. kinda gets repetitive and boring.

    Used to have a wii u also… turned into nothing but a Netflix player. I’ll get another one eventually after mario kart and some of the other staples release.

    Tried out persona 4 and couldn’t really get into it, although I really hope they do bring 5 to the Vita, since it would be a system seller. Anything to get more Vitas out there is great in my opinion.

  • Lester Paredes

    Sorry, guys. I couldn’t think of a good question for this cast. Maybe next time.