Arc System Works (best known for BlazBlue and Guilty Gear) is releasing a new game with a different spin next week; Magical Beat.

I admit, I have no idea what this game’s about – so I’m just going to quote the source;

When you connect three beatons (the colored blocks) together you can create jammers which you fall on the other player’s board. The trick is to drop beatons to the beat of the song. The blue meter in the middle lets you know if you’re in sync and if you drop a beaton while you’re in that zone you’ll get a score bonus.

Magical Beat will be released to the Japanese PlayStation Store December 12th. The damage; 1,200 yen ($12).


  • Lester Paredes

    Looks cute. Could be something good.

  • They support Vita but won’t bring Persona 4 Arena to it! The engine is already on Vita. I cry!

  • aros

    Sounds cool. Hopefully it will be released here