Telltale Games have revealed the first batch of screenshots and details about Episode 2 of The Wolf Among Us.

The second chapter in the episodic adventure game will feature none other than “Jack” of “Jack and the Beanstalk” fame. The silver-tongued character has been a pillar of the FABLES comics since his introduction in issue one, and has even received his own spinoff comic titled, “Jack of FABLES”.

The addition of such a notorious character the game adaption will likely be a treat for long-time fans of the series.

Bigby greets a seedy customer.

Furthermore a screenshot included in the reveal gives a sneak peak of the “Pudding & Pie”, a seedy underground pub that is “exclusively for Fables.“.

FABLES Episode 2 “Smoke & Mirrors” is slated to release this month on consoles, however the first chapter in the series “Accolades” has yet to release for PlayStation Vita and is still listed as “coming soon“.