Guerrilla Games have released the patch in a series of upcoming updates for the PlayStation Vita exclusive first-person-shooter, Killzone Mercenary.

As promised by the developer just over a week ago, the update reduces the foot-print of the two previous patches put forth for the title; freeing up around 800MB of storage space.

Moreover the 1.03 update also brings with it a pair of new changes to the experience.

Start-up valour screens will now be presented daily, rather than each entry. This will dramatically increase the speed in which players bypass the menu, and enter the action.¬†Additionally a “quit” functionality has also be introduced to player end-game summary screens, which also helps to expedite the user experience.

According to Guerrilla Games this is the last update Killzone Mercenary is scheduled to recieve for 2013, but there are three more planned for release next year.


  • RoboAddy

    Good excuse to jump online and pop some heads I guess.

  • JoeCool

    I like how new consoles are now able to receive patches/updates unlike before you were stuck with buggy games with no way to fix them.

    Also good to see there’s more planned for this game, perhaps more maps, etc?

    • Jeff Masser

      two more maps coming with the next update!

    • cell989

      no. Back in the days of the PS2, games were actually completed and tested thoroughly before they went on sale, now publishers expect to sell unfinished games and “fix” them later

  • ramzacom

    would rather prefer the possibility to save and quit during a mission. Not to be allowed to restart from a checkpoint piss me off, and often prevents me from playing KZ