This new title from developer Furyu will have you thrown into a third-person action-RPG dungeon-crawler harem (say that ten times fast..) in which you take the role of Rito; a normal guy with sexy aliens all over him.

To Love-Ru Trouble Darkness: Battle Ecstasy revolves around Rito being a kind soul with a clumsiness factor of 10—which leads the alien girls to fall in love with him for some illogical reason.

Since I’m not too familiar with the title (the anime it’s based on not really appealing to me), I’ll refer to Siliconera for a full explanation;

In the Vita game, Rito suddenly awakens after a dizzy spell in his house in a strange world and dungeon. Momo, one of those slightly-devilish-looking lasses appears and informs him that they’ve been sucked into a parallel world. And one of Rito’s main love interests, Lala—Momo’s elder sister—is trapped. Yes, we’ll go rescue her and others as knights in shining armor.


Most of the game will comprise wandering around dungeons looking for the way down and battling monsters to save one of the lady’s stuck inside, and every floor will apparently have an event with one of the girls. There’s even a special Communication Part called the TTT—Trouble Touch Time—which uses both front and back touch panels to interact with the ladies.


Finally, there’s word of a My Room function where you’ll be able to take a breather in a mimicked version of Rito’s house from Earth. Here you’ll be able to talk to any of your rescued girls and, uh, spend time with them. There might even be some special relationship events with them here…

Sounds like another typical sexy-time title from Japan, though that’s not necessarily a bad thing. To Love-Ru Darkness: Battle Ecstasy is set to release May 22nd, 2014 in Japan.


  • XtemmA2

    unnnnh, ….guys, is it okay if i want to play this game?

    • Kyle Wakeling

      It’s perfectly okay; I’d play it. 🙂

      • XtemmA2

        Yay! If it ever gets localized, maybe you should do the review.

        Episode 52 podcast: “Kyle rubs his Vita, while Brian is watching”

        • Kyle Wakeling

          No way that’s happening. Haven’t you heard? Brian doesn’t wear pants so he’s not allowed outside. lol

          • Brian Sharon

            I once received a 24 hour ban from Real Life by Sony – True Story.

  • Lester Paredes

    Ohhhhh myyyy…. You had me at ‘sexy aliens’.