Armature Studio, the developers of Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate, have announced via twitter that a patch is now available for the side-scrolling adventure. Accord to the tweet the patch (1.01) is aimed at fixing the notorious glitches that have burdened the game since it’s launch.

We reached out to Armature directly to find out exactly which of the troublesome glitches the patch would directly address, to which the developer replied “All reported ones“; which includes the infamous game-breaking Black Mask glitch.

This isn’t the first time that Armature have heeded the cries of their fans, as not long ago they released a series “pickup maps” to aid frustrated players in finding the games many difficult to  find collectibles.


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  • The patch was incredibly helpful. Very happy!

    • Brian Sharon

      Glad we could bring this to your attention, but truthfully it’s Armature that deserve the thanks. We’ll pass it along to them.

      • I wasn’t thanking YOU. 😀 Also, I was the first person they told the patch about over Twitter.

        • Brian Sharon

          Gotcha! Well we were thinking of YOU! haha.

          That’s incredibly cool though.

  • aros

    Excellent news. Will probably go back to the game.