When The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth makes it’s way on to PlayStation platforms in 2014 it will feature a suite of brand-new features, including scaleble difficulty.

The information comes via the website for Team Meat co-founder Edmund McMillen. There he allows his many dedicated fans to pose questions on his blog with a chance of a response from the famed developer. It is there that a pair of users posed some pretty probing questions about the upcoming Rebirth, and to his credit McMillen obliged.

One anonymous user mentioned that he had not yet played The Binding of Isaac and wondered if Rebirth would be accessible to new players like himself, to which McMillen replied;

rebirth will be totally retooled difficulty wise, so it should be as easy as the original game minus wrath of the lamb when people start but will also have options for classic players so they can start at a harder difficulty

While the reveal of new difficulty options will surely widen the range of the upcoming Rebirth, a response to a question mere hours later offered even more insight as to what fans can expect. The second fan (who went by the name epsininja) outright asked the developer about the additions in rebirth, and MicMilen did not disappoint.

According to Edmund, The Binding of Isaac Rebirth will contain more than; 150 new items, 25 new enemies and 12 new bosses. Furthermore there will be new – floors, secrets, challenges, rooms and room types. If that weren’t enough it looks as though Rebirth will also feature local co-op as well as “a few things people might not expect“.

It looks as though there will be a ton of new content for existing and new fans to enjoy when The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth hits PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 3 in 2014.