A source close to TVL has informed us that a brand-new listing has popped up on Best Buy Canada’s website for Jet Set Radio on PlayStation Vita, and while it is true that the game is currently available for Sony’s handheld – it’s solely available as a digital download.

The posting of the mysterious listing leaves us with more questions than answers at this point, though there are some important points to consider in regards to its meaning.

One possibility is that Best Buy Canada plans to adopt a “digital-voucher” system for players to purchase PlayStation Network titles without having to make a purchase online. The that we mention this is due to the listing singularly being filed under the category of “In-Store” in terms of availability. However when one considers the fact that this is the sole digital game listed for PlayStation Vita on the website, and this is a game that was release more than one year ago – that prospect seems rather unlikely. Furthermore if this were to be the case, one would presume a similar listing would be made for the PlayStation 3 version of the title, which they have not.

Another possibility, perhaps most likely, is that Jet Set Radio could very well be receiving a physical-retail copy some time in the future. While no box art has been provided, and the pre-order date is set to Best Buy’s signature placeholder – it would fall in line with recent similar listings for the God of War Collection and LEGO the Hobbit.

Lastly there is one finalprospect – We could be looking at a new entry in the series. Admittedly this is the most unlikely of prospects, but there is something unique to be recognized – the Jet Set Radio listing that sets it apart from previous early-listings; Best Buy haven’t used any existing imagery for the placeholder. Where the temporary box art of God of War Collection and LEGO the Hobbit both use their respective logos, Jet Set Radio is devoid of any whatsoever; and is instead left with simple and sterile text. Furthermore the timing of this posting is at very least curious, especially in regards to the other possibilities listed prior. Oh and don’t forget that the listing showcases the game costing $39.99, which is a shockingly large price-tag for a digital game that is currently available for $9.99.

Before we get to ahead of ourselves, we must reiterate that this is solely speculation and we are merely going off of what little information that the listing, and our logic provides.

We have reached out to Sega for more information on the listing and will inform you should any further details arise.

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*Edit* The listing has since been pulled down by Best Buy.

  • Rodolfo Ferreira

    Playing it on Android tablet just makes me wonder how great it’d be to have it on Vita. Well I guess we’re about to figure it out if Sega confirms this. *fingers crossed* *cough* Crazy *cough* Taxi *cough* too *cough cough*

  • Terramax

    I don’t see it likely an all new JSR coming out, especially not for the Vita of all systems, but I’d soil myself if there is.

    I don’t get a retail copy either considering the game is as cheap as chips for download (£7?). Indeed, this raises more questions. But I guess any news for JSR is good news.

    • Rodolfo Ferreira

      No one saw it coming for android devices either, until Sega released it to the public. Give the Vita some time, it’s getting big in the East and that might have something to do with it.

      • Terramax

        Making an expensive sequel for the Vita and an android port are two separate things dude.

        • Brian Sharon

          Very true Terramax.

          That being said – if I were to support the (unlikely) possibility of a sequel I could argue that this could just be the first posting to go up.

          Moreover I would also challenge the notion that a Vita-exclusive version is somehow less likely.

          The Vita may not have the market share of other consoles, but it is a powerhouse in Japan – and this is a Japanese game. Furthermore it could be said that the target audience on Vita is perhaps the exact one that would appreciate such a title.

          Again though, this isn’t necessarily my stance and I’m merely playing devil’s advocate.

  • Lester Paredes

    The possibility of a new Jet Set Radio? Interest is piqued!

  • aros

    Rodolfo – it’s available on the Vita store now 😀

    Great article, hats of to you TVL this is the kind of thing that makes me love this site.

    I hope it is a new entry – the game is great in a lot of ways but with a heavy coat of modern day mechanics it could be amaazing.

  • aros

    Crazy Taxi collection is available on the Vita store as a PSP title too and it’s cheap Rodolfo 😀 Obviously no trophies but it will scratch the itch I reckon.