After a ton of build-up the very first trailer for The Lego Movie Videogame has been constructed and is available for your viewing pleasure.

The adaptation of the upcoming film will follow the seemingly normal protagonist Emmet, who through a series of unfortunate events becomes mistaken as “The Special” – “a character prophesized  to save the world from an evil LEGO Tyrant.“.

In the game players will assume the role of the Master Builders, who have the awesome power to build astounding LEGO creations. Additionally there will be more than 90 playable characters inspired by the film, and 15 “exciting” levels to explore,

Furthermore unlike previous LEGO titles,  The LEGO Movie Videogame will have a brand-new visual animation style which closely emulates the aesthetic of real-life LEGO toys and sets.

The LEGO Movie Videogame will release in February of 2014 for a multitude of platforms, including PlayStation Vita.

Watch the trailer below:

  • Aaron

    bam, first try!

    • André Rocha

      LMAO I almost pissed myself with that XD haha

  • Lester Paredes

    This movie looks to be awesome. Saw it’s preview when I took my daughter to see Frozen. Can’t wait to see it! I hope the game’s good too, but I’m sure we’ll get the crappy version for Vita, par for the course.

  • aros

    I think it’s brilliant that it’s totally made of lego but doubt the Vita version will be worth the (any?) asking price to be honest, sadly.

  • Christian

    If only Lego City Undercover would come to Vita…