The indie-visual novel “Snow Light” has received it’s debut trailer, which focuses more on action than it does words. The game from developers DreamRaiser and West Dragon Productions takes place in a futuristic world where many of the world nations have all but abolished peace – with military conflicts occurring regularly since the rise to power of private armies.

As the player you follow the tale of the soldier Snow Light and her covert squad as they perform black-list missions of espionage.

While “Snow Light” may be a visual novel, you aren’t just along for the ride. Action scenes allow the player to input actions and scenes of investigations will often lend the player the ability to choose progression. The visual novel takes place across the globe, so expect to witness (possibly) exotic landscapes such as Turkmenistan, England or Russia.

“Snow Light” is set for release later this month on PlayStation Vita (PSMobile) and PC.

Watch the debut trailer below: