Arc System Works’ new mecha title Damascus Gear: Tokyo War Begins to debut December 25th in Japan.

Tokyo War Begins is a hack n’ slash type action title in which you can collect parts to customize your robots, building them up to further your cause. The game looks like a cross between Front Mission and Diablo according to Siliconera, and you can get in on the Japanese PlayStation Store December 25th for 1,800 yen ($17).


  • aros

    Cool. I wish they would do ‘part-translations’ of these games for release in English language countries. Why not translate simply what is needed to play the game, menus, instructions, leave all story and padding japanese and let people buy titles for the gameplay? It could be pretty lucrative as translating 5 – 10% of a game it follows it would only take 5 – 10% of the time it normally would, meaning a lot less sales would be required to be profitable. Just pick up rights to all non-story-based games that are not getting a translation.

    • Satu Patel

      I couldn’t agree with you more. Some games in rare case also have a English translation card insert I’m the vita case. Though it is rare and no one talks about if the game comes with one or not as far as cart releases and so its a gamble to import.

  • Terramax

    Hard to tell what the heck is going on in that vid. Does look fun from the little I can make out. I’m reading this just coming out of Hawken, so I’d really be in the mood fora Vita mech game.

  • Satu Patel

    Why can’t we just get these games here in the US or UK for that matter. They should release the Japanese games here and right before the infomation on the game just put in large print “Japanese text and voice only” This way it’s up to us the consumer to decide to download the game from the psn store.
    I don’t want to reset my vita to play this nor is it available to import.