Here we go again; yet another firmware available for update!

PlayStation Vita firmware version 3.01 has just released into the wild, bringing with it… well… we aren’t actually sure.

Likely just a bug fix, this stealthy update contains no change-log so we’re not sure exactly what bug they’re fixing or feature they’re updating, but I’ll be going through the menus and options in a moment and will update this post momentarily with any oddities/changes if they’re found.

For now; let’s assume it’s a bug fix and tread carefully – shall we?

Update: Not seeing anything new or any obvious changes in pre-installed apps or settings – looks like a simple bug fix, guys.


  • Trent Berlinger

    Thanks for the heads up. I’d imagine it wasn’t a very big update if it was stealthy like this. I don’t even see a post for this on the PS Blog yet.

  • Rodolfo Ferreira

    Try downloading a huge file but leave the ‘Don’t use Wifi in power save mode’ ticked this time. Let the handheld go to sleep. Give it some time and then wake it up and check if your file is done downloading or at least it’s still downloading. If it is, then we have this ( fixed up. Next, open up your browser and go to If the browser stops reloading the site continuously, then we have an other bug fixed.

    • Kyle Wakeling

      The first one is a misnomer; ‘Don’t use Wifi in power save mode’ isn’t regarding downloading when in sleep, it’s about using power save mode (low power) wifi. Turning it off will make your downloads faster and connection better but will use more power, it won’t change the status of downloading while in sleep mode. lol

      As for the second bug, loads fine.

  • lama

    It’s just an update to stop the new cfw

    • Kyle Wakeling

      Even if it is, I’m cool with that. CFW on Vita is pretty useless at the moment.

      • Himanshu Goel

        actually it’s neither, Sony did patch some things but none affected the ‘CFW’. This ‘CFW’ is actually not really for Vita, it’s for the PSPEmu, just like what they had on the PSP