A post on Hardcore Gamer points out a few good points towards the validity of this “rumour”.

It seems that not only has Disgaea D2 been released in China, but the trophy list for the game seems to indicate that it could be coming to PlayStation Vita as well as PlayStation 3.

Here’s what HG had to say;

With Nippon Ichi really pushing the PlayStation Vita as of late, this could be an indicator that we might see Disgaea D2 Portable in the foreseeable future. This could also mean that Disgaea D2 Portable might not be the GOTY edition Disgaea 3 and 4 were and could just be the base game with maybe some new content. This would be a huge blow to faithfuls, but would make sense given the list includes all the DLC character trophies.

On the other hand, this could just be an error or them planning way into the future. E.X. Troopers was also listed for the PlayStation Vita, though nothing has changed in a year. With this being said, it’s entirely possible Capcom cancelled the Vita version due to E.X. Troopers flopping, but it seems more likely that it was just never planned for the Vita and just an error or wishful thinking.

Even so, we’ve seen other games leak like this in the past – so it’s entirely possible that this title follows suit.

Stay tuned to The Vita Lounge for more updates, as we get them.


  • Terramax

    The true sequel to the only Nippon Ichi worth playing. I’ve not played this one yet, so I’d be interested in picking it up for the right price.

  • Cloud_IX

    psn profiles also has the trophy pack registered for both vita and ps3

    This data comes from actually submitted trophy packs to sony, so i’d say it is genuine

  • aros

    Seems strange to bring two disgaea titles at around the same time. Well, I loved 3 so will buy both as they come out most likely.

  • Lester Paredes

    Ooohh… more turn-based strategy? I’m in.